Search Engine Optimization

SEO is much more than manipulating keywords or tweaking the meta-data

Read below the factors that search engines actually consider to rank your site.

In an attempt to deliver what real people want, Search engines look at the following factors in a website:

  • Relevance and context
  • Freshness and Popularity
  • Usability
  • Reputation and Honesty
  • Preferences

Every website and business is different and so are their goals and target audiences. As one of the most preferred SEO companies in New York, we make sure that a complete overview and business model is understood to strategize a tailor-made SEO campaign that includes:

  • Keyword Research & Planning

    Research specific to your business goals

  • Competition Research

    Initial analysis and comparison report

  • On-Page Optimization

    Optimizing website Pages, Title, Content etc.

  • Off-Page Optimization

    Link Building through various channels & directories

  • Measure Result

    Tracking Ranking Traffic, Exit page, page views etc.

  • Improve Results

    By implementing fundamental & SEO-friendly changes

Some Stats & Figures

About 90% of all internet users search for information about brands with web presence through the use of search engines and most of them do not go ahead 3rd page of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our approach towards an effective and result-oriented SEO

On-Page Optimization

This includes creating relevant infrastructure for the targeted pages, along with optimization of content, making sure that the website has a unique, relevant and keyword optimized presence in the form of title, headings, subheadings etc.

Competitor Analysis

To track where you are today and where do you wish to take your brand is the first baby steps. We analyse the content, meta-details and backlinks of your competitors to decipher their marketing efforts and strategize a road-map tailor-made for your campaign.

Implementation & Testing

Constant tracking of results from the above efforts and any required alterations may be applied on a periodic basis to comply with the search provider guidelines as well as to sustain the competition.

Off-Page (Link-Building)

Unlike the traditional times, the quality of referral links that your website has is more important than just the quantity of these links today. Selecting the right category and quality of publisher helps search engines to identify your website's accessibility and online worth.

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Search Engine Optimization