3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for PSD Design to WordPress Conversion

User Experience & Design / September 16, 2017

Chances are you want to convert PSD to WordPress but just don’t know where to start. From our experience, many people watch PSD to WP tutorials in YouTube hoping it will help the learn how to convert PSD files to a WordPress theme. The truth is that most of these how-to guides and tutorials touch on the basics and not the practical aspects.  What you will learn will not assist you to convert any PSD to WordPress. Only a professional can do that for you. Let’s look at the reason why you should always hire a professional for your project.


Photoshop and HTML Conversion

Every PSD design to WordPress project starts with slicing of PSD files.  Once sliced, the files have to be converted to HTML. So it’s very important that you find someone who’s not just good with Photoshop but who also understands HTML, semantic mark-up (for SEO purposes), as well as frond end development languages such as jQuery and JavaScript. Not everyone can create mark ups, slice them, and convert them to HTML. Only a professional PSD to WordPress coder with plenty of experience can do that for you.

Solid Understanding of WordPress

Only a professional with a solid understanding of WordPress CMS can help you convert any PSD files to a perfect theme for your website. The reason is that a PSD to WordPress coder knows the fundamentals such as hooks, filter, tags, and template hierarchy. Two, they know WordPress functions and architecture.  And because they understand PHP (serve-side language), he or she can write clean code for your custom theme quickly and efficiently.

Testing and Validation

Every WordPress theme that is created from PSD files has to be validated and tested for cross-browser compatibility. This is a task that requires technical knowledge of the WordPress framework, good understanding of HTML/CSS, as well as how Search Engines work. A professional will go a step further to optimize your WordPress theme for performance and speed. So it’s advisable to hire a robust and experienced team who can handle PSD to WordPress conversion as well as testing and optimization.


Don’t waste time watching YouTube tutorials in the hope that you will learn how to convert a PSD design to WordPress. You’ll just waste time and end up being frustrated. Hire an expert PSD to HTML/PSD to WordPress professional for the project. A pro has the technical knowledge and experience required to convert PSD files to a clean, responsive, and SEO-friendly WordPress theme.


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