Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website will hurt you

User Experience & Design / September 26, 2017

A significant number of individuals and businesses use web builders and templates to create websites. They believe it is a cheap and convenient option for getting online. But there’s something that most DIY enthusiasts overlook. And that is using website builders and pre-built templates to make business websites isn’t a good idea. Here is why:

Bad design creates poor impression
Design is everything in the world of marketing. Look at million dollar brands and successful online enterprises. What do they have in common? They leverage the power of custom design to create visually-impressive and user-friendly websites. With DIY, that’s not the case. You can’t create an eye-catching website from pre-built templates and themes. Both limit your ability to customize your website as you’ll be working with fixed layouts and elements.

DIY results in lost opportunities
Most people go the DIY way because they want to slash dollars off their web design project. Think about the number of hours lost watching self-help videos, reading user-guides and tinkering with templates instead of selling. Your primary objective is to generate sales and revenue not to try to figure out what’s best for your website.

DIY may result in poor conversions
Creating a website with a web builder is one thing, making sure that it pulls in the right traffic is another. A DIY project will deny you the chance of getting a website that’s designed for performance. We’re talking about functionality, design and features that improve conversions online. Don’t put your business on the line. Let a professional web developer tackle your web project. He or she will advise you on what your website needs and how best to make it generate ROI.

Poor web security
Most of DIY templates and web builders offer few security features. Such websites are prone to hacking and breach of information. Hackers can access your website, deface it, and even steal confidential information. That’s not the case with a custom-build website. Professional developers will implement security features and make sure that your website runs on a secure server. Customers will feel confident that their information is captured and help confidentially and transactions processed in a secure manner.

DIY is ultimately expensive
No matter what website builder or template you are going to use to build your website, a DIY project will still need the input of a pro for things to work out. You can’t sell conveniently using a website that you’ve built on WiX or using the Godaddy website builder. Both will force you to the drawing board. And that only means one thing. You’ll have to hire a professional web developer to create a custom-built eCommerce website that supports secure buying, order processing, and payments online. You’ll also need to have it configured for SEO and optimized for speed and performance.

The bottom line is DIY web projects cost time and money. Poor designs will create a bad impression something that will drive away customers as they’ll find your website cumbersome or less-friendly. Web builders and templates also limited features and capabilities. By going the DIY way, you may end up with a website that may not serve you or your business satisfactorily.

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