5 Must-Have Features for your E-Commerce Website

User Experience & Design / September 17, 2017

Today’s cut-throat competition in the online world where every sale made is a challenge, it becomes even more essential to cover all the basics and present the best online presence to the customers.

An E-Commerce website redefines the geographical reach of your business placing you in the global market, where your products are accessible to your customers anywhere & anytime. Below are mentioned several features which will probably help you to improve your web store usability and increase its profitability:


1. Shopping Cart that is Mobile Enabled

As per the latest statistics released by e-marketer, 35% of all eCommerce sales were through mobile devices in 2016-17, and this is predicted to jump above 60% of all eCommerce sales, or $90 billion, by just 2018. Your eCommerce experience should be designed with responsive technology that ensures the user gets the optimal experience regardless of whether they choose to shop from a smartphone, tablet, or a personal computer.

2. Reliable Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is perhaps the most crucial stages on any buyer. It is a make-it or break-it point through a buyer’s journey. Your payment gateway should be secured enough by either adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification or by a Unified Communications Certificate for multiple domains. This gives your customer a sense of security and encourages them to complete the payment process with peace and ease of mind further giving your brand more credibility.

3. Social Media Sharing buttons

There is no denying the fact that Social media has indeed revolutionized online shopping culture and approximate 40% online sales are influenced by social media public opinion about a given brand.

Out of all the online buyers today, about 85% of them are influenced by online reviews than personal recommendations. The source of these reviews gradually are created through your own brand. When more and more people share your brand on their timeline, the number of impressions for your brand will increase and in return your sales.

Amongst all the Social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter are considered to be the most effective sources to get your brand heard and seen to a wider audiences through a strategic promotion campaign.

4. Customer & After-Sales Support

A properly arranged and executed customer support unit can work wonders for your online business. At the beginning of any buyer’s journey, one of the key details they are seeking is to understand how effectively your brand will be able to respond to any complaints or grievances that you might have after using their product or service. If your after-sales support numbers and communication channels are explained properly on your website, not just will it bring more business from your satisfied customers but also magically save you from losing out on your not-so-happy customers 8 out of 10 times, if not always.

5. Gift certificates & Freebies

It feels good when you get that extra cheese in your pizza for free – don’t you? Your online customers are no different!

In order to extend the otherwise ‘very-short-attention’ span of your customers, your website should offer them something extra to connect, stay and encourage them to complete a purchase.

Just like promotional codes with discounts, freebies with specific amount of purchases, special deals and combos, gift certificates are also all time favourite of gift givers, and a proven way to attract shoppers throughout the seasons.

Of course there are other bells and whistles that could be added to your eCommerce venture for additional reach and benefits, however, the above mentioned features are a bang-on approach to being more business through your online presence.

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