‘5 best practices’ to create an authentic online presence for your brand

Branding & Communications / July 25, 2017

The importance of having an online presence in the form of a website, a mobile app or actively connecting with your potential customers across social media is not an alien thing to businesses now – let it be a start-up or a well-established organization. It is not only essential to have an online presence today but extremely important that you build it in a way that your customers can find and relate to the message you are trying to convey.

Your potential customer is looking for you online. A customer’s journey starts from searching your brand name online, its authenticity in the market, to comparing prices and quality of your products or services with your competitors, and finally, your website – its user-friendliness to navigate through various pages, quality of information available on the website and so on.

We have listed down ‘5 key-points’ that you should consider in building an online presence for your business that works for you.


1. Your consumers like to do business with ‘Real Humans’
Just like yourself, your consumers are more willing to interact and do business with other ‘real’ people and not just faceless brands. A more humanized-approach by publishing real faces of the key influencers behind your brand, their stories and journey with the brand helps build the trust in your brand with your consumers.

2. Provide quick and easy Contact options for your consumer
The more options you give to your consumer, the greater are the chances that they get in touch with you. From phone numbers, email, a live chat to a quick ‘request for quote’ contact us form, each of these practices help convince people that you are not only a legit organization but you care to listen and respond to their queries effectively through multiple channels.

3. Quality of Content – Publish information that is relevant & sufficient
People not just want to read descriptions about your products or services but are intrigued to know how useful or interesting the information you publish is for them. You should make sure the content is thoroughly researched and should include all the generic answers to the questions that your potential consumer would have at the initial phases of their purchase-journey. It could be through a tutorial video, an interesting blog about your products’ history and inception, the process of production and so on. A more convinced & informed the visitor to your site is, more likely they are to become your customer.

4. Word-of-mouth Promotion – Share your previous customer reviews
It makes more sense and adds to the credibility when people hear what others have to say about you rather than what you say about your brand. Having your existing customers to share their honest feedback about your brand helps you portray your brand in the most genuine manner. Adding an actual photograph of the reviewer is much better than using a generic image. And finally, responding to all the reviews in a timely manner further creates a sense of authenticity amongst your consumers that your brand really cares about their opinion.

5. Encourage Social Connect & Engagement
Apart from the reviews and feedback published on your official or third-party websites, connects made across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. builds your brand credibility and popularity in the public. A simple like or share of your products or services by a user works as an endorsement of your brand between their entire social network. It is like a spider’s web – one end connected to the other and another. This indirect ‘content-specific-marketing’ in the long run, will ensure that you stay in constant touch, create new connections and make your consumers keep coming back to your brand.

It is always a blend of the best practices that bring results. Be authentic. If you can be honest to your brand and its marketing, you can successfully create an online presence that appeals to your potential consumer. We, at Red Fox, help businesses go online and maximize the potential to reach out to their customers through diverse channels and methods. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!


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